Still dark outside,the world’s still dreaming,
sleep doesn’t like me anymore,
time ticks,with some annoyance,
I read, I think,I pace the floor.
dust and polish,polish and dust,
heave a bored frustrated sigh!
take out the family photo album,
but all that does is make me cry.
where did all those hectic years go?
when I never had time to draw a breath?
I look around,no toys to trip on,
at the lonely empty nest.
when kids are battling,all around you,
demanding,grabbing at your skirts,
fussing,a childish,noisy whirlwind,
messes,spills and little hurts.
you’re left dizzy,confused,a bit dirty.
exhausted,a wreck a dithering fool,
collapse,a useless ,tired mother.
when it’s bedtime,or time for school.
when,chaos was all around me,
I never thought the day would come?
when I would be sat,missing,craving,
to be important to some one.
eyes stared up to catch my attention,
heads lay on a crowded knee,
bathtime,splashes,clouds of bubbles,
squirting,laughter aimed at me.
sometimes ghostly,voices call me,
and as I prepare to ,ask the reason why?I then realise,there are no babys,
no kids hiding,or running wild.
in the wee small hours,when quiet disturbs me.
I wish I’d had the time to stop,
appreciate more the little buggars,
and embrace my busy, fortunate lot.
oh well, I still have memories,and my ageing photos
my keepsakes put safely away,
lots of grandkids to amuse me.
now my chicks have flown away.

This poem was written/submitted by lynne hannah cannon.