friends in love. . .

Remember the first day we said hello…
I got no intention to get close to you at all
I showed my bad attitude and treated you rough
You acted arrogantly and you just laugh

I am pushing you away
But you just stayed
Then we became close
Friendship bloom like a rose

We shared laughter’s and even pain
You comfort me; and took me out in vain
You always make me smile
You took away the clouds in the sky

You fell in love so instantly
Making me act uncomfortably
Many times, you told me you love me
I lied when I told you it could not be

In my heart, I know I love thee
Concealing the pain within me
When I hurt you, I almost die
I do not know why I should lie

Afraid until the moment you have to say goodbye
A tear falls in my eyes and the pain I can no longer deny
If you just see me crying and begging you to stay
If my tears can help to stop you anyway

I shed them all my tears
This love I will never fear
To love you with all my heart
I will offer you all my life

This poem was written/submitted by melanie apolonio,r.n..