Today is yesterday’s tomorrow,
It’s the future of our past.
This is what we hoped for; dreamed of,
We’ve arrived to ‘here’ at last.
Yet we’re keenly disappointed
When we meet up with Today_
Not as grand as we imagined
Nor as splendid as they say.
Just the end result of choices
We have made the day before,
Just the build-up of our actions;
Only this and nothing more.
Dreaming, hoping for tomorrow
To be better than today:
Here we call that wishful thinking…
World doesn’t work that way.
Make the best of time that’s given,
In the present, here and now.
Use it wisely: growing, building,
Keeping both hands on the plough.
Don’t look back with eyes of sorrow
Nor with fear to the unknown.
Trust in God and keep on working,
You will reap what you have sown.
Lean on Christ, the Rock of Ages
Him who turns the storms to calm.
He alone holds your tomorrows
In the safety of His palm.

This poem was written/submitted by Anna C.