Lorcelie Alvarez Tenorio

Honey, I have kept you close in my heart…. in my bleeding heart
This heart of mine that I have given you from the start
Still wanting you and loving you with all my heart
In every way, in everyday and every little things you said while we were apart.

Reminiscing the days we had shared
Gives me happiness and love to share
But the days we became apart
Gives me tears, loneliness and a broken heart.

Sometimes when I hear your voice I don’t know how to start
Not even a word comes out from my bleeding heart
All I wished is… for you to know that you are still in my heart
And I missed you with all my heart

I can’t move on and I can’t forget
How I loved you this much and forgot about myself
Not even a glance to look for another chance
Coz the love I knew is the love I had with you from the start.

It’s been eight long years and still counting on
And never giving up to have you back
Knowing that someday we will both realise
That we have to be with each other side by side.

The time that was once lost can never be forgotten
Coz we will fill it up with love, happiness and fun
And loving memories we made in time
To be shared every minute of our remaining lives
Without a bleeding heart of mine …………….

Happy 49th Birthday, Honey…

Poem by Lorcelie (Lorie) Alvarez Tenorio
Tuesday, 29th September 2015 @ 12:00 am

This poem was written/submitted by Lorcelie Alvarez Tenorio.