i’ve been searching for love to come along
searching for someone to love me as me
melted my heart with many love songs
hoping that song was meant for me

i’ve been living my life feeling so weary
staring the sky wishing for the stars to grant me
believing that love will come and find me
finding someone to love with all sincerity

been praying to God for love to keep
then He gave me you, the one he knew i need
feeling so afraid to take the risk
for this love you gave i long to seek

i found love in you and gave me life
you standby me, be my beckon light
you are the one i prayed for long ago
this fearless trust i never thought i’ve know

you melted me with love beyond imagination
showered me with so much love and affection
we shared this love that is so sweet
finding joy that makes our love complete

you showed me many reasons to live
when i am running out of reasons to believe
you gave me hope and took away my sadness
with your love, you brought me so much gladness

who knows where we will go?
what will tomorrow bring us though?
when doubtful thoughts makes our heart to sway
i know our love will show us the way,

for this love is meant to stay forever
for this love will keep us wherever, whenever
for this love is from God that put us together
i found love in you and i wont say goodbye…never

This poem was written/submitted by melanie apolonio,r.n..