i was walking my way into love
giving my all, and everything i have

uncertain if the love i found is true
wishing it was really you

we shared moment in such a blissful night
when you touched me, it seems everythings alright

frightened by the first glance
good thing i never miss the chance

to feel your loving arms
even it’s not quite a perfect romance

you captured my heart with your sweet embrace
you etched a memories that could never be erase

intoxicated with your sweet scent
fallin for you is not what i meant

but you’ve got your style,
makes me wonder why?

it’s been quite awhile,you broke my style
now, i could never tell you a lie

loving you is such an easy thing to do
when everytime i close my eyes, all i see is you

if it’s right to continue loving you
waiting for you to say the words ” i love you”

This poem was written/submitted by melanie apolonio.