For a reason
you’re not by my side
For that same reason
I’m not by yours…
Blank lines in empty texts
Night’s forgotten
As new ones
Easily found
Hearts beat
To an old tune
Slow blinks
Eyes flash
Tripping in the moon light
The world moving
Under our feet
Had a liquor so strong
With thick smoke
Sad old beats
Of a heart
Once in love
Deep in love
Age has come
Due to time
We surrender our youth
For a moon light dance
That has taken
Our spark
But left us with wisdom
Yet stolen
the innocence of our youth
Without our approval
Without a choice
Time is not to be stopped
Nor to be trusted
As with it
It takes and reveals all
Forgives and forgets all
But provides us with a gift
The gift of wisdom
Knowledge not easily found
But learnt with time
Marked with age
I hear drops
See water droplets meeting a puddle
It reminds me
Like a drop
We’ll all drop into old age
Meeting our fate
Our unavoidable destiny

This poem was written/submitted by Tacheen Stuart.