Yellow fruits, Red fruits;
Fruits of all colours.
Sweet fruits, Sour fruits;
Fruits of all flavours.

Some are stout, some slim;
All of them unique.
Good for bones, good for skin;
All for good physique.

Peel’em off, cut’em down;
Eat them as you wish.
Mix’em up, chop’em down
Make your favourite dish.

Mono-flavoured, multi-flavoured;
Have juices of your choice.
Either cocktail or milk-shake,
All fruit drinks are nice.

Play some games, walk a mile,
Keep yourself active.
Study well, talk a while
Be most attractive.

Do whatever, the way you want
But remember one thing!
Fruits are very important,
For a happy n healthy living!

This poem was written/submitted by Mystical Bubble.