Every quarter, every dime-
be mine!
With the portraits of th’ wise guys-
be mine!
Every orange, every lime-
be mine!
If you can stage a mime-
be mine!
If you like all my rhymes-
be mine!
If you share money and time-
be mine!
If you like the sounds of chimes-
be mine!
Be, you, mine, who’s really honest,
who doesn’t lie, who doesn’t swindle,
who’s a star that really twinkles,
who has some natural wrinkles,
who does not ivent bad things,
who, like poets, has dream-wings,
who, at jokes, just smiles and winks,
who’s not greedy, who’s sincere-
those are the people i revere,
those are the heroes who are dear,
and them all i will not fear
remind that i like shakespeare…
Their smiles, i really “buy”-
be, you, mine
for a while,
but, at this point, i say “bye!”.

This poem was written/submitted by ivan petryshyn.